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Case Study – Mojoe Termite

Mojoe Termite

Joe Swiontek – Mojoe Termite Owner, Grover Beach, CA

Joe Swiontek was the top producing termite inspector for the largest independent termite and pest control company in San Luis Obispo County before starting Mojoe Termite in 2008.

Even with that great reputation, Joe and his wife Lisa spent years going to every networking event they could find to promote their small mom and pop business. A few years ago Joe hired BugBiz Marketing to build him a new website and get his company more exposure on the internet.

Today, Mojoe Termite has a lightning-fast website with #1 ranking and an excellent online reputation with over 62 reviews and a 4.9 google ranking. Joe’s marketing now generates over 300 calls every month. He is consistently expanding his team to keep up with the growing demand and his company now generates well over $1 million dollars in revenue each year.

Seeing is Believing

Lighting Fast Website

#1 Google Ranking

62 Reviews (4.9 Star Rating)

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“We’re so busy we just hired another termite inspector to keep up with the demand. We don’t spend any money on advertising. People find us online. When we ask them why they called, they always give the same answers, ‘We found you online. You have a great website. You have great reviews!’”

Joe Swiontek,
Mojoe Termite Owner, Grover Beach, CA

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