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#2 Lack of Trust

#2 Lack of Trust


We all want to work with people that we know, like, and trust. When it comes to your website if you fail to build trust you’re going to lose a lot of pest control business. I’m Dean Mignola and today I’m going to show you the top 5 trust factors to add to your website so you can start getting a lot more pest control business.

Website Mistake #2 Lack of Trust

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Trust factor #1. A great way to build trust with your website visitors is to use real authentic photos of you and your team. Don’t ever use stock photos of models pretending to be pest control guys. They are fake and everybody knows it. You will improve trust dramatically just by replacing those stock photos with real authentic photos of you and your team.

Trust Factor #2 is to build social proof on your website with online reviews and testimonial. It’s very important to stream your five-star reviews onto your website. According to research by emarketer, consumer’s seek customer reviews more than all other information tools combined. Here’s an example of yelp reviews on a real website for one of our clients. Testimonials can also be powerful if you include a photo or video of the customer, the real testimonial, their full name, and the city or business name of the customer. We call these super testimonials because all those details make the testimonials much more believable and credible compared to a typical testimonial that you’ll see on most websites.

Trust Factor #3 is a specific guarantee. A strong guarantee removes the risk associated with buying a service from a company that you don’t know. One of our clients has a six year guarantee on his fumigations which is the best guarantee in his entire service area. I can tell you that he wins a lot of business from his competitors by having that guarantee.

Trust Factor #4 is to trust icons and social media icons on your website. Trust icons can be the associations that you are a part of such as the NPMA or your local chamber of commerce or the Better Business Bureau. They can also be awards you’ve won or even the logos of large commercial accounts that you service. Social media icons show that you are socially connected online.

Trust Factor #5 is a map showing that you are a local business instead of a national company or a company that is out of the area and doesn’t really serve their community.

Those are the most important trust factors for your website. if you make sure that you have those 5 trust factors, you’ll definitely get more calls and leads from your pest control website. If you want a reference guide with all the tips to get more business from your website, I created the pest control website cheat sheet, you can download it for free by clicking on the link listed below this video. If you feel that this video, was helpful, please leave a comment below, I really appreciate it. I do read and respond to the comments and questions.

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