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#4 Ignoring The 800 Pound Gorilla

#4 Ignoring The 800 Pound Gorilla


You spent good money or a lot of time building a website for your business but it’s just not working to bring you pest control customers. In this video I’m going to show you a big reason why your website is not working and how to fix it. I’m Dean Mignola and today I’m going to go over one of the top website mistakes that could be costing you a lot of pest control business. Website Mistake #4, Ignoring The 800 Pound Gorilla. Before I get into today’s topic, make sure you subscribe or follow to get notified about all of my pest control marketing tips.

Today we’re covering Website Mistake #4 Ignoring Google
We all know that Google is the 800-pound gorilla of the online marketing world so if you ignore what google wants on your website you will be crushed by google and by your competitors that give google what it wants.
I’ll be creating a whole series of free training on this subject. For now, let’s quickly cover five of the most important factors you need to get right on your website if you want to get found on Google.

Step 1, You want your most important keywords in the page titles, headlines, and content of your website. Typically, a keyword will be something like Dallas pest control or Dallas bed bugs or Dallas termites for example. You only need to put the keyword on a page about 3-4 times for every 500 words on a page. You don’t want to repeat the keywords over and over again. That’s called keyword stuffing and it will definitely hurt your ranking.

Step 2. You want your business name, address, and phone number in the footer of the website in the exact same format as it is listed other places online. If you have a different name, address, or phone number online or even slight differences in the format of your name, address, or phone number, it can really hurt your ranking on Google.

Step 3. You also want to create a separate page on your website for each major service that you provide and a separate page for each of the cities that you want to get found in. You can’t just put a bunch of different search terms on one page and expect to get found for all those search terms. Each page of your website must be focused on 1-2 related search terms. That means if you want to get found for bed bugs in Atlanta, you need a page that focuses on one or two keywords like bed bugs Atlanta, bed bug control Atlanta, or bed bug extermination Atlanta.

Step 4. You need to have enough quality content on each page that you want to get found on Google. This will vary depending on your market and your competition. A general guideline is to have around 1,000 words on your homepage for your most important search term and at least 500 words on each interior page for less competitive search terms.

Step 5. It’s very important that your website is responsive. That means your website must be able to adapt to whatever screen or device you are using. Not only does this create a better website experience for your potential customers but it’s also a significant ranking factor for Google and the other search engines.

Those are some of the most important steps for what to do on your website to get your business found on Google. When it comes to your website ranking if you simply follow those 5 steps, you’ll be on the right path to generating more calls and leads from your pest control website. If you want a reference guide with all the tips to get more calls and leads for your website, I created the pest control website cheat sheet, you can download it for free by clicking on the link listed below this video. If you feel that this video, was helpful, please leave a comment below, I really appreciate it. I do read and respond to the comments and questions. Thanks for watching, make sure you subscribe, like, and share, and I look forward to seeing you next time and giving you more ideas to grow your pest control business.