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5 Tips To Convert Website Visitors Into Customers

5 Tips To Convert Website Visitors Into Customers

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The #1 job of your pest control website is to turn visitors into leads and customers.  What can you do to convert your website visitors into paying customers? Here are some tips that will help you turn your pest control website visitors into repeat customers that help you grow pest control your business:

Focus on the Benefits of Your Pest Control Services

The first thing that you will want to do to improve your website clearly states the benefits of the services you offer. For example, if you have a pest control business that gets rid of bed bugs, talk about avoiding the annoying bites and embarrassment. Whenever you mention a service, always talk about the benefit of that service to the customer.

Use Authenticity to Give Your Pest Control Business More Than A Brand; A Personality

Today, there are many different types of media that you can use to bring your business brand to life, such as video and authentic photos. Use these tools to bring your business to life and create a personality for your brand. Don’t just use stock photography, make sure you include photos of the owner of the company, your inspectors and the rest of the employees in front of your trucks. In addition, you may want to consider improvements that improve the user experience, such as before and after photos and videos that highlight the benefits of the pest control services that your business offers or how products and services work. Before and after photos and videos are a great way to demonstrate the benefits of pest control services to potential customers.

Use Actionable Content That Helps Bring Your Pest Control Business and Brand to Life

Actionable content is important to improve the conversion rate of any website. With pest control websites, you want to include calls to action and actionable content that customers can use, such as an FAQ feature or live customer service. Make sure your website answers questions that visitors have and directs them to the services that they may need for pest control. Develop content that brings your business brand to life and offers visitors something that they can relate to.

Show Off Loyal Customers That Are Confident of Your Pest Control Brand

If you have an established business, then there are probably loyal customers that you have been providing pest control services to for years. Show off the loyalty of these customers with testimonials that highlight positive experiences with the pest control services your business provides. In addition, consider displaying social media and online reviews that positively reflect the services your business provides to customers. These things will help reinforce your business as a pest control service that visitors can trust.

Try Different Layouts for Different Pages, But Always Stay Honest to Your Brand

The website you use has different landing pages depending on the search terms that users are looking for. For each page, you will want to try different layouts and calls to action to find the right formula for your pest control business. Use different texts and designs for different landing pages to experiment and find out what works best for your business. Change the phrasing of buttons for different pages to adapt each page to the specific content that users are looking at.

These tips will help you turn your visitors into customers that keep coming back. Contact us to schedule a free consultation for help with developing a plan to reduce website bounce rates and turn your visitors into paying customers.