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Generating Leads with Online Marketing

Generating Leads with Online Marketing

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Pest control is more like a science than most localized businesses, yet on the consumer end — before they see what goes into truly getting the job done right — the process of finding your business is treated more like finding someone to mow their lawn: the first few options they see after doing a quick Google search are considered “good enough.”

The age of taking out a newspaper ad and calling it a day? Done. Coming up with a clever name that makes you the first choice in the phone book? Maybe if your only clients are the elderly. In 2018, you need to have an impactful internet presence on multiple fronts, or people who live and work just down the street from you might never know you’re responsible for the best pest control services in town.

How to Find New Leads

Don’t get us wrong; taking the time to do intensive research, to invest in the most cutting-edge pest control equipment, is crucial to your business. It seeds confidence across your staff that they carry with them to the job site, guarantees a high success rate for each case, and provides your clients with a level of service that will leave a lasting impression. Your work is what creates the word of mouth that a sustainable local business needs to thrive.

But you can’t depend on that alone. There is a wealth of completely new leads out there, people who aren’t connected to your current word of mouth network, that may already have used the services of a lesser pest control provider.

For any small business looking for new leads, the core strategy is making sure your web presence consists of:

  • High ranking on Google search results so customers that aren’t as initially discerning or in need of last-minute services have few barriers between their needs and becoming aware of your business.
  • Angling for being listed in the Google Maps 3-pack for pest control. Many local business searches begin and end within Google Maps. Being in the top three results for your category is a huge boon that shouldn’t be taken lightly.
  • Having a useful, eye-catching social media strategy. This isn’t just about simply being on Facebook or Twitter; it’s about being useful or entertaining on those services, providing potential customers with a reason to engage with your consumer-facing brand.
  • Optimizing your paid ads. It’s easy to roll out ads. It’s much harder to make sure potential customers regularly engage with those ads, so you’re not simply spending money without the new clients to justify it.

The Pest Control Industry Has Unique Needs

Rolling out a strategy based on the broad points laid out above isn’t something you can reduce to an exact methodology. Pest control businesses have their own unique needs that other local categories don’t have to cope with.

BugBiz Marketing — as our name implies! — is laser-focused on the convergence between online marketing and pest control. Our collective background includes experience in pest control. The reason we hammered out a niche in this space was because we saw that the mental and physical energy it takes to run a pest control business too often left little room for owners to also indulge in the ever-changing standards of Google’s search algorithm.

That’s why we offer all prospective clients a free marketing strategy session. We have a basic framework already tuned to the needs of the pest control space, but we simply don’t believe that one size fits all when it comes to creating a well-rounded internet marketing and website initiative that gets the highest return on investment possible.

Ready to learn more about how we can help you get an advantage over the rest of the local competition? Call us or fill out our response form and we’ll schedule a time to learn about you and your business as soon as possible!