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Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

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People outside the pest control business might not acknowledge it, but anyone in it knows: learning new technology and new techniques is a constant fixture of this business.

When customers track you down for help, they imagine a guy showing up with a pump-tank full of some mystery solution that gets sprayed on basically everything and that’s that. How many times were your customers shocked to find you tracking rodent habitats with UV light, deploying specialized heaters to wipe out bedbug infestations? How often do they give you a surprised look when you lay out your complex IPM plan for their building?

Chasing new, ever more efficient and smart ways to serve your customers in the pest control space is the intersection between working-class grit and deploying a high tech, scientific approach. But do your customers know how to find your top quality service and is your website mobile friendly?

Local Marketing in 2018

Perfecting your pest control techniques is your career. But any regional business in 2018 has to deal with an entirely new area of expertise, Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

In short, SEO is the Byzantine practice of following the data points that Google’s search algorithm prefers. It’s just as relevant to national, Internet-based corporations as it is to regional small businesses, and not having a good SEO strategy means your best potential customers might never even know you’re out there.

There are many aspects to a great SEO marketing plan, from optimizing your content to generate the newest leads, to ensuring Google Maps prioritizes your brick & mortar address for related searches.

One of the most important factors of being recognized as a high-quality web presence by Google? Having a great mobile-friendly version of your website.

A Mobile Visit Might Be Your Only Visit

Increasingly — as your own internet usage patterns likely confirm! — people browse the internet exclusively on their smartphones. Someone looking for your pest control expertise might only ever run into your web presence through a mobile device.

Having a dated mobile presence that lacks the features of your desktop landing pages not only hurts your SEO, it can turn potential leads away from your service and towards a competitor.

A great mobile site for a small business has content that is easy to browse and quick to read on a mobile device. Every service you offer is detailed, efficiently and naturally, with relevant SEO keywords naturally interwoven into each page. It’s simple to click all major user interface elements on even the smallest devices. It loads fast. And it directs potential customers directly towards either calling you or scheduling appointments on the mobile website itself, putting as few barriers between them and your service as possible.

The Best Way to Improve Your Mobile Web Presence

We’re gonna level with you here: we think we’re the ones for the job! BugBiz Marketing was started because of our hands-on experience working in and with the pest control industry. We know that a lot of you are too busy with the job itself, and the regular research and training it requires, to put a heavy emphasis on ever-changing SEO standards, online marketing best practices, and so on.

We don’t provide a one-size-fits-all approach to marketing for general business. Our expertise lies squarely with the pest control specialty, making sure the tools we build for our customers work efficiently on their behalf.

So let us handle the grunt work of marketing for you, so you can spend more time sticking to keeping up with the work you got into this industry to do. If you’re ready to help a whole new customer base find your pest control services, we’re ready to help you. Contact us at BugBiz Marketing today!